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The G Spot Spectaculars, 40 Years Apart

The G Spot Spectaculars, 40 Years Apart

What happens when some things linger in a different way than you expected

Hello again, and welcome to Back to Bed with Susie Bright.

This is the week of March 15, 2024.

On this week’s show, I recall The Great G-spot Scandal, 40 years later —

My partner in crime, who founded On Our Backs magazine with myself and our lovers, died in January. Her name was Debi, Deborah Sundahl, and many of you who read my blog were fascinated by her life.

You heard me relate how the two of us were estranged for a couple decades. But I was lucky to have a most unusual connection with her before she passed away, and, of all things, it had to do with the way she introduced me to female ejaculation and orgasm. As young women, and as elders.

And whew, was it different in the beginning than the end.

I want to tell you that story today.

Back in 1984, Deb was working in the most lavish strip club in town doing girl-girl acts in the Ultra Room. Sometimes 7 shows a day.

In the same era, Dr. Beverly Whipple published a book called The G Spot, which redefining women’s orgasmic potential to a very controversial reception.

Anyway, one day Deb came right over to my apartment, after a shift at the Mitchell Brothers’ theater, and basically shouted, “Eureka! I’ve Found It!”

Then she showed me. Cue the geysers.

It changed my life as a sex educator, although not as a lover, per se. That didn’t happen til decades later, after a transformation on both our parts.

I tell the whole story on our show today; hope you enjoy.

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