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Teenage Sex and Chaos Kicks

Teenage Sex and Chaos Kicks


On this week’s show:

Teenage Sex and the Times Delusion Factory

—Pick Your Favorite Fake Sex Panic!

Hello there, and welcome to “Back to Bed with Susie Bright”.
This is the week of April 19, 2024.
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© SBright & Honey Lee Cottrell, collage, 2022. On my way to my next rainbow and acid orgy. I used this as my Zoom backdrop for the pandemic and it was the best thing to come out of it!

Like clockwork, the media pundits feed us visions of young people running amok. This past week, read it and scream:

“The Troubling Trend in Teenage Sex”


Here’s the troubling trend in middle class teenage sex: They aren’t having any. And when they are, today’s middle class young women have even less expectation of orgasmic or mutual pleasure than when I was young, which is really saying something.

Notice I said class. I get into that on the show.

Welcome to: “The most sexually immature generation of 30-soemthing’s, we’ve seen in… ever.

Let’s talk about sex scares of yesteryear, shall we?

Tijuana Bibles in the 30s!

Charlie Manson, Acid, and Ouija Boards in the 60s!

Rainbow Parties for Millennials!

Enjoy the show and my acute memories. I want to know what the sex panics of YOUR youth were . . . Comment away

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Til Next Week,

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