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The Myth of Mojo in a Bottle

The Myth of Mojo in a Bottle

How to Enlarge Your Clitoris and Other Key Product Debates

On this week’s show:

We get mail — and some of it is ready to explode in your face . . . Or other places.

As Susie Sexpert, I hope I am famous for scoffing at any and all products that promise to enlarge vaginas and tighten penises. —Or, is it the other way around?

In any case, I’ve tried some of the mojo-in-a-bottle. The companies that make these rackets— I mean, products— ship me endless samples, and sometimes you just have to have a laugh. Laugh, and attack their very premise.

I am here on the mic, with my cuntwise report! I expect Consumer Reports to be AT MY DOOR. Actually, I know an editor at CR who would love this… gotta remember to send it to him.

‘Til next week,

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Adult Intellectuals Only

Today’s true story of consumer chemical survival includes an excerpt from my old podcast, In Bed with Susie Bright, Episode 289. Enjoy the whole show at the Aud link — and thank you to my producers Jessica Lockhart and Kerry Donahue.

Comments, anyone? I’d love to hear the dumbest retail item you ever tried in the bed or the kitchen, you choose. Or, the best! But the stupid ones are funnier, eh?

Susie Bright’s Journal
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