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Lovers’ Ethics & the 2024 Election

Lovers’ Ethics & the 2024 Election

America’s prurient hysteria has gathered warp speed. What kind of election will we see this year, when all the gloves are off?

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The first time I was asked to write about “Lovers’ Ethics” on the national stage, Bill Clinton was being impeached. Amazing to consider how some of those characters are still in play today.

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This is the week of April 12, 2024

But now it’s 2024. And instead of a two-party election, we’ve got “Do you want a steal or a deal?”

How do you function when the media is pretending there’s a horse race?

I take a look at Biden’s sexual character, past and present. We can predict its course, and its effect on his politics.

I like to consider the recklessness/sex factor in aging, how it evolves. So in turn, I examine the far, far weirder case of He-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. Trump has no erotic appetite. It’s supplanted by wraith-lust.

The two intimate life issues which have been churned into “voter outrage machines” are abortion rights and trans rights. Both manufactured religious delusions. (There’s a slut on the loose and a pervert in the bathroom).

The MAGA cult, and the Dems, are playing with fire on both. Some pols’ methods may win high marks in rat-fuckery, but they may also burn the whole house down. So stand by . . . I have some predictions.

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