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Chelsea Summers has a Certain Hunger

Chelsea Summers has a Certain Hunger

Meet the author who wed “Lolita” to “American Psycho,” feminist-style. Jonathan Swift is very pleased.

This week on Back to Bed:

I am thrilled to see writer Chelsea Summers, author of bestseller “A Certain Hunger,” reach the acclaim she’s deserved after decades of ace writing.

From the day I met her, I thought, “Wow.”

A Certain Hunger is a story about a gourmet food writer with an insatiable sexual appetite, who decides some of her lovers would be better served with a very nice Chianti.

It is deliciously satiric and unapologetic . . . Johnathan Swift, you have met your match!

In 2007, Susie first met Chelsea when she was one of the most talked-about writers in the nascent bloggers’ world. I interviewed her for Audible, which coincidentally, all these years later, premiered A Certain Hunger as an audio original— it was recorded before it was printed!

At the time, Chelsea had only weeks before left the academic world of 18th Century English literature. Her colleagues were flabbergasted. Back then, her handle was “Chelsea Girl.” We discussed everything from Howard Stern to "viscous porn-starry spit" and a scholarly interest in 1700’s erotica.

Enjoy, and Bon Appetit!

Chelsea Summers in Poland, where her title is breaking records. Thrilling to see all the translations!

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