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Caregiving, Lying in Bed, and the Library Runaway

Caregiving, Lying in Bed, and the Library Runaway


This week on Back to Bed:

Susie is tired of homilies about caregiving and “self-care.” When the going gets tough, the tough go library-shopping!

Yes, my attempt to run away from my responsibilities takes me down some unexpected paths . .

Excerpt from “Drowning Girl” by Roy Lichtenstein, 1963. Roy sampled a page from issue #83 of Secret Hearts, a romance comic book illustrated by Tony Abruzzo and published by DC Comics in 1962. I don’t know how to explain this, but I shot this from lying in bed; it was on the wall where I slept overnight in NYC a couple years ago. The home of an art collector. Apparently the work “belongs” to MoMA, so I don’t know why it was in my guest bedroom. Perhaps it was just the most lovely reproduction.

We’ll look at three books that saved me from a nervous breakdown this week:

Alice Munro’s collected short stories - The “Housewife” that turned the tables.

The Wet and the Dry - Imagine you went on a world tour of all the countries where alcohol is banned upon pain of death. And then, you tried to get a drink.

Confessions of Madame Psyche - The novel I give to California hardcores who think they’ve heard it all. No, you haven’t!

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Save me, Brad!

And, in today’s listener mailbag:

You can count your number of lovers.

You can count how many times you lied between the sheets.

But what does it matter, either one?

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Susie Bright’s Journal
Back to Bed with Susie Bright
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