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Back to Bed with Susie Bright - New Podcast!

Back to Bed with Susie Bright - New Podcast!

Oscar Nominee “Shayda” is unforgettable — and— Krysten Sinema, the Bisexual Shame of the Senate, has left the Building

Welcome to the first episode of “Back to Bed with Susie Bright”.

This is the week of March 8, 2024.

“Shayda” - The Price of Freedom and the Nature of Shining a Light

On this week’s show, Susie reviews the little-seen Oscar nominee Shayda — Not to be missed.

What’s it about?

It’s set in an Iranian community of Sydney, Australia— but I found my mind turned to Tehran and Texas. There is nowhere to hide the subjugation of women, no hubris to be savored. All of this is happening right here at home.

A mother and daughter are trying to make it, that’s all you need to know to begin.

Yes, you might call it an existential horror flick with quite a few surprises. There are no cliches, no melodrama. Instead, I found exquisite poetry and tenderness that brought back more memories than I could count.

World’s Worst Bisexual

And, in our second half today, Senator Krysten Sinema retires from ruining everyone’s lives, including the kinky and suffering bisexual contingent that was taken for the ride of a lifetime.

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Debi Sundahl, Me, and the 30-year G-Spot Delay”

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