The Doctor is In.


I offer 30-minute and 60-minute phone appointments for clients and colleagues on all matters of publishing.

I’ll review your materials at hand before we meet: manuscripts, pitch letters, spreadsheets, marketing, etc.

I also teach small classes by invitation. Recommended! Class schedule here.

To make a date, or get on my classroom mailing list, write to:

<> — Subject Line: Consult Date


  • 30 minute consult with materials review - $190 USD

  • — Without materials review - $100

  • 60 minute consult with materials review - $395 USD

  • — Without materials review - $200

I’ll invoice you ahead of our date and will confirm our meeting after your Paypal or Venmo payment.



Weekdays, between 10-2 PST are my best hours to work with you.

I’d suggest you allow 2-4 weeks lead time to make a date. You can always ask me at the last moment — it’s just less likely.

Send me any copy, up to 2,000 words, by email, at least 5 business days in advance, that you’d like me to review.

For spreadsheets, sound files, videos, apps and other non-text files, I’ll review the equivalent amount, before our call.


Q. Do you do full-length manuscript editing?

Rarely. Maybe one or two a year. Let’s make a 60-minute-appointment before we discuss further.

Q. Do you offer original copywriting? Letters, pitches, marketing, PR, media assets?

Even more rarely! I hope you’ll take my classes on those subjects so you become a dazzling copywriter yourself or have the chops to hire someone less expensive than myself.

Q. Do you offer referrals?

After an appointment with a materials review, I’ll make my best recommendation, yes, which could include referrals.

Q. Do you offer gratis counseling or editing?

I have a scholarship fund for my classes. When I offer a new class, I’ll announce the scholarship application. I don’t take pro bono applications for consulting work.

Q. Why would you recommend a class rather than a private consult?

You might end up doing both. Classes are small, (under 10 people), they’re less expensive, and the way I set them up, we discuss very specific issues without “naming names” so your confidentiality is assured.

Consults are for when there’s no substitute for a one-on-one.

Q. I want to ask you a question that I’d like you to answer in your blog, even if it’s AITA territory.

Go ahead, live dangerously! Seriously, that’s fine. Most people’s questions are universal. You can send you note to <>, Subject Line: Pub Chops.

Q. More questions?

Write me at <>, glad to answer.