Susie Bright Agency Services

Susie Bright offers agency services and consulting for authors, publishers, IP directors, and producers.


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Our office charges by the hour, or project.

  • 30 minute consult with materials review - $290 USD

  • 60 minute consult with materials review - $495 USD

  • Longer negotiations and consults - estimate upon initial consult.

  • Small group seminars upon request.


For initial appointment, make a date on my Calendly.


• Manuscript evaluation and editing consult

• Selling your work to your next publisher

• Leveling up your Substack, or starting one for the first time

• Satisfying self-publishing and all the hybrids

• Vetting contracts and negotiating contracts

• Fielding offers and advising on informed choices, best practices

• Researching and negotiating appropriate comps

• Publisher research for deep background, “Inside the Publisher’s Brain”

• Negotiating early or timely reversion clauses

• Estate work and negotiations

• Seeking and negotiating auxiliary permissions for music, other text, photography, etc.

• Guided referrals for speciality editors, ghosts, and other creative services

• Marketing consult

• Agency and specialist referrals/recommendations

• Backlist marketing and revival

• The art of asking for kind and essential favors in publishing

• Substack and newsletter/blog review/critique/startup

• Social Media review/critique

• Audiobooks best practices and results

• Pitch letters


I will guide and consult on your negotiations, creative work, pitches and proposals. I bill by the hour, not commission. 

Publishers & Agencies:

• Composing K’s, Vetting K’s

• Writing amendments

• Handling breach of contracts

• Termination negotiations

• Sub-licensing agreements

• Subsidiary deals

• Author relationships and negotiation

• Public Domain research

• Estate research and negotiations


• EP services

• Casting

• Budget

• Greenlit Proposal Consult

• Permissions

• Introductions: Showrunners, Directors, Script/Screen writers

• Speaking Engagements

• Contracts

Look forward to hearing about your work.